Connect with a Counselor


Future Students: Follow these directions to apply and enroll.

Current students: If you are seeking information about other programs, please visit the current student directory


We offer a wide range of options for students to support students throughout their educational journey. All services are available via zoom and in-person.


Appointments are available Monday 8 - 6 pm, Tuesday - Thursday 8 - 5 pm and Friday 9 - 1 pm.

Drop-In Hours are available Monday - Thursday 10 - 1:30 pm.

eCounseling is available for quick questions that do not require live help - submit a question to our counselors. Please allow up to 3 business days for a response.


Cancellation Information

How to cancel an appointment: 
Should you not be able to attend your appointment for any reason, please cancel by signing back into the system or giving us a call with at least 2 hours notice, if possible.


Duplicate appointments: During our screening process, if you have scheduled more than 1 appointment for the same service, the first appointment scheduled will be canceled. 


Cancellation Policy: Failure to attend your appointment will result in a "no-show." Students who "no-show" three (3) times in the same semester will not be allowed to schedule another appointment until the following semester.